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Brand Authority
Accessibility of test venues
est venue environment
Customer Service
Support for Test takers
Resources available
Test registration journey
Overall Test taker journey
Prompt release of test results
IELTS Recognition worldwide
Tips on how to ace IELTS
British Council IELTS holds bloggers event
British Council debunks common IELTS misconceptions
British Council IELTS Prize winners 2017/18
Launch of British Council Computer-delivered IELTS in Manila
How a Filipino turned her dream of Studying in Oxford a reality
Testimonials of the first batch of Computer-delivered IELTS test takers
A Filipino nurse embarks on a journey in a new environment with the help of IELTS
How IELTS helped one Filipino begin her dream life in Canada
Strongly AgreeTend to AgreeNeither agree nor disagreeStrongly Disagree
The materials and resources offered by British Council to test takers are useful and effective.
With much preparation, IELTS is not a difficult test
I prefer to take the IELTS test if I take it with British Council
I prefer to take the IELTS test with any test centre.
The British Council is supportive of my needs with regards to IELTS
Strongly AgreeTend to AgreeNeither agree nor disagreeStrongly Disagree
I am now more likely to access the materials and resources offered by the British Council
I am now more likely to make an enquiry about IELTS with the British Council
I am now more likely to register for an IELTS test with the British Council
I am now more likely to recommend the British Council and IELTS to my friends and peers.
I am now more likely to believe the British Council wants to support me in achieving my goals with IELTS
Not AwareOnly Heard About itUsed it
Downloadable practice test from website
Learning Hub Offers
IELTS Library
IELTS Exceed Writing Workshop
IELTS Preparation Workshop
IELTS Pretest
IELTS Prep App
British Council IELTS Information Sessions
MOOCs (Limited Time Online Course)
1 (Very Easy)2345 (Very Difficult)

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