This insightful workshop will help you develop your confidence and skills in giving speeches. You will explore techniques for preparing and delivering talks, as well as exploring ways to engage your audience in a range of public speaking situations.

Over the two days, you will develop and deliver a speech based around a subject of your choice. You will receive detailed feedback on your performance from the other participants and your trainer.

Who should attend?

Anyone who would like to build confidence and skills as a speaker.


• Feel more confident when speaking in public

• Know strategies for planning and structuring your points

• Deliver your speeches in a more engaging way

Learning Objectives

• Apply techniques for a variety of public speaking situations

• Plan, structure and deliver short speeches

• Understand your strengths and weaknesses as a speaker

Course Outline

Why Public Speaking Matters 

• Public speaking situations

• The difference between speeches and presentations

• The elements of a good speech

Planning and Preparing 

• Researching your topic

• Planning what to say and how to say it

• Preparing yourself

Delivering a Speech

• Projecting a confident, credible image

• Keeping your audience engaged

• Delivering a speech written by someone else 

Expecting the Unexpected

• Giving impromptu talks

• Managing your emotions

• Handling questions

Course Information

Length: 2 days

Maximum group size: 12