Is your organisation going through a period of change? Have you been asked to coordinate a project with many different interests or points of view? Do you feel confident managing a wide range of people who don’t necessarily agree? 

This workshop will help you understand how to plan and implement a large scale project successfully so that the organisation reaps the benefits and emerges stronger and more resilient.  

Who should attend?

This workshop is ideal for those new to stakeholder management, or established managers who wish to strengthen their stakeholder engagement skills.


• Have a clear understanding of the key characteristics of Stakeholder Engagement

• Strengthen your ability to connect and influence a wide range of stakeholders

• Learn how to plan and manage a successful, high profile engagement

Learning Objectives

• Define and analyse the business case for Stakeholder Engagement

• Map the key areas in the successful engagement cycle

• Understand and develop your characteristics that will result in a successful project

Course Outline

What is stakeholder engagement?

• Defining Stakeholder Engagement

• How it differs from Stakeholder and Change Management 

Why does stakeholder engagement matter?

• The business case for Stakeholder Engagement

• The advantages of global engagement

• The business risks of not engaging

How to engage stakeholders for success

• Defining and understanding SWANS and OWANS

• The characteristics of a successful "engager"

• The organisation's preparedness and alignment with stakeholders

•  Building trust with stakeholders including blockers and saboteurs

•  Leveraging and communicating with stakeholders

•  The stakeholder communication plan

Action Plan

Course Information

Length: 2 days

Maximum group size: 16