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Woven Networks - Craft changemakers conserving forests is a one-year partnership between the Forest Foundation and the British Council through its Crafting Futures global programme. It aims to strengthen the voices of local communities by highlighting their sustainable practices and vital role as artisans, thus growing forest resources and livelihood.

The project advocates for more inclusive and gender-sensitive forest management by sparking exciting collaborations and knowledge-exchange between forest dependent craft communities and trusted intermediaries - designers, researchers, social entrepreneurs, leaders and the academe.

What are the Woven Networks Scoping Grants?

Woven Networks Scoping Grants aim to initiate new collaborations and support projects that champion indigenous knowledge systems towards sustainable resource management and improved livelihood of craft communities.

The four-month grant is for proponents to conduct scoping and research activities within Forest Foundation’s focal landscapes:

  • Sierra Madre (Region II, Region III and some areas in Region IV-A) 
  • Palawan (Region IV-B)
  • Samar and Leyte (Region VIII) 
  • Bukidnon and Misamis Oriental (Region X)

In order to:

  • identify relevant craft communities who rely on forest products
  • understand their challenges and ambitions
  • meet new partners and collaborators within the Philippines and United Kingdom
  • conduct related researchand propose ways forward.

Join the briefing session

Following the launch of this grant open call, we are organising a briefing session on 7 January 2022, 16.00–17.00 (PH time) / 09.00–10.00 (UK time) that will also serve as a matchmaking session for those who are looking to meet potential collaborators for their application. 

Register for the briefing session here.

What can the scoping grants fund?

  • Professional fees of grantees and consulted stakeholders
  • Community engagement activities as needed for research
  • Honoraria/speaking fees
  • Public sharing activities
  • Creation of toolkits, learning materials, etc. should the research methodology require it
  • Audio visual documentation that may complement the written report
  • Travel within the Philippines 
  • Communications 
  • Use of technical software and platforms
  • Operational costs
  • Post-grant reporting

How much are the grants?

10 grants of up to Php285,000.00 each will be awarded.

Who can apply?

  • It is open to Philippine-based intermediaries who believe in the importance of local and international collaborations in responding to systemic challenges. 
  • Applicants can be creative social enterprises, non-governmental organisations, researchers in relevant fields or design leaders propelling solutions for more sustainable livelihoods and product development within craft communities. They are digitally adept and good in developing networks on the ground. 
  • Proponents can apply as an individual or organisation. The applicant will be the one to manage the grant projects, lead the scoping activities and create connections with local and international partners.

What are the grants for?

Proponents can prepare scoping grant proposals based on one of the three themes:

  1. Rediscovery: Projects that aim to develop and disseminate the importance of indigenous knowledge, innovative craft technologies and community participation in relation to forest management. 
  2. Discovery: Projects that aim to develop new designs and products using non-timber forest products, alongside sustainable resource management. This can also include material innovations using regenerative approaches.
  3. Recovery: Projects that aim to implement new organisational approaches, frameworks or partnerships between weavers, forest communities and entrepreneurial initiatives (e.g. in the areas of e-commerce or eco-tourism). It can also include projects that aim to diversify livelihood opportunities and empower craft communities by strengthening sustainable value chains and systems that they are already employing (i.e. between nature, community, technology and market). 

What are the grants not for?

The grant is not to fund the delivery and implementation of a project but the scoping needed for the research and development of a project.

The grant is not for proposals involving communities outside the Forest Foundation’s focus landscapes: Sierra Madre (Region II, Region III and some areas in Region IV-A), Palawan (Region IV-B), Samar and Leyte (Region VIII) or Bukidnon and Misamis Oriental (Region X).

How to apply?

Please submit your application via the Submittable form by 29 January 2022, 23.59 (UK time).

Important notes

Please read the Terms of Reference for all the details and requirements to submit an application. 

Important dates

Dates Activity
26 November 2021 Launch of open call
7 January 2022, 16.00 –17.00 (PH time) / 09.00 – 10.00 (UK time) Grant briefing and hubs matchmaking (register here)
29 January 2022 Application deadline
1 March 2022 Grant recipients announced
1 March– 30 June 2022 Scoping grant period
July 2022 Public sharing sessions
31 July 2022 Submission of reports

For any questions or concerns, contact us at arts@britishcouncil.org.ph