The Tempest (1908)

About the Silent Film Festival

The Silent Film Festival is a showcase of classic films from the silent era accompanied by international musical acts. It aims to reinvent the cinematic experience by fusing silent films with a live musical score. This 2016 the festival is celebrating its tenth year with nine participating countries: British Council (United Kingdom); Philippine Italian Association (Italy); Goethe Institut (Germany); Instituto Cervantes (Spain); Japan Foundation Manila (Japan); Embassy of France (France); Austrian Embassy (Austria); US Embassy (United States) and Film Development Council of the Philippines (Philippines).

Partners: Shangri-La Plaza, the National Film Center of The Museum of Modern Art Tokyo and Shochiku Co., Ltd., the Embassies of Italy and Spain, Filmoteca de Espana, Institut Francais, and EUNIC Philippines, Jam 88.3, Lyric Piano

Reception launch of the 10th International Silent Film Festival will be on 25 August at 6pm at the Grand Atrium, Level 2, Shangri-La Plaza with British Council opening the festival with the film Play On! Silent Shakespeare accompanied with a live musical score by Tago Jazz Collective.

About Play On! Silent Shakespeare

PRODUCTION YEAR: 1899 – 1922




Play On! Silent Shakespeare is a 2016 compilation of silent Shakespeare short films. It brings together a wide range of early cinematic adaptations of Shakespeare from the British Film Institute (BFI) National Archive. The selection of works is international with a particular emphasis on British work. Many of the scenes have been unseen for years. Among the highlights are King John (UK, 1899), the world’s earliest surviving Shakespeare adaptation; extracts from early versions of Hamlet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Merchant of Venice, Twelfth Night and The Tempest and cartoon parodies of Shakespeare’s plays by British animation pioneer Anson Dyer. The film also visits Shakespeare’s birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon, as seen through the eyes of filmmakers in the 1920s.

The film also takes part in Shakespeare Lives - a global campaign that marks the 400 years since the bard's death through celebrations of his work's enduring influence and impact.

About Tago Jazz Collective

Tago Jazz Café is the only jazz club in the Philippines today. They have hosted numerous foreign and local jazz artists and produced recordings for some of the country's top musicians. This continuing collaboration is called Tago Jazz Collective where musicians showcase their skills through live performances. For the International Silent Film Festival, Tago Jazz Collective presents a quartet consisting of Pete Canzon (saxophone and flute), Chuck Joson (piano), Bergan Nuñez (bass) and Nelson Gonzales (drums). Pete is a living legend and has been in the music industry for over three decades. Chuck studied jazz piano under Henry Katindig and Elmhir Saison and currently plays as a session artist for bands of various genres. Bergan is a versatile session bass player who has played with artists such as avant-garde Swiss drummer Christian Bucher. Nelson is an adaptive drummer and can play across the genres of jazz, funk, to heavy metal.

Silent Film Festival Schedule


7:30 PM Play on! Silent Shakespeare British Council with Tago Jazz Collective


5:30 PM Indio Nacional Film Development Council of the Philippines with Oh! Flamingo
8:00 PM Maciste in Hell / Maciste All'Inferno Philippine-Italian Association with Ely Buendia


1:30 PM "Silent Film in the History of Cinema": a Round Table Discussion with two film experts from Japan and the Philippines Hidenori Okada and Nick de Ocampo
3:00 PM La Revoltosa  Instituto Cervantes
5:30 PM The Foghorn (Muteki) Japan Foundation with Makiling Ensemble 
8:00 PM For Heaven's Sake Embassy of the United States of American with Bras Pas, Pas, Pas, Pas


3:00 PM Le Pied Mouton, Le Petit Poucet Ambassade de France with Felipe Latonio, Jr.
5:30 PM Der Balleterzherzog Austrian Embassy Manila with Basti Artadi
8:00 PM The Last Laugh (Der Letzte Mann) Goethe Institut with Up Dharma Down

Merchant of Venice (1910)
A Midsummer Night's Dream (1909)
Tago Jazz Collective