Workshop on sustainable cities


We have grants for early-career researchers to participate in a workshop in the Philippines entitled 'Process Systems Engineering Approaches for the Provision of Supplies and Utilities for Sustainable Cities'.

The grants will cover all transport, accommodation and meals. Participants are encouraged to purchase adequate travel insurance (not covered by grant).

The workshop is part of Researcher Links, funded under the Newton Fund, and is being organised by the University of Nottingham (UK) and De La Salle University (Philippines).

Deadlines for applications - 8 November 2015.


  • Applicants must be early-career researchers based in either the UK or the Philippines, and must be affiliated with a research institution in either of these countries.
  • Early-career researchers are defined as late-stage Ph.D. students, or researchers who received their PhD not more than 10 years prior to the workshop.
  • Participants may come from any field but must be able to demonstrate their motivation and potential for contribution to the workshop outputs.
  • In cooperation with others, workshop participants will be expected to draft one or more capsule proposals for development into a full proposal for submission to funding agencies after the workshop.


The workshop will be held on January 24-29, 2016 in Metro Manila in the Philippines.  Specific venue will be announced at a later date.


Many countries in the developing world, including the Philippines, are undergoing rapid and potentially unsustainable urbanization. In the case of the Philippines, the National Capital Region (NCR, comprised of Manila and its environs) has grown into a megacity of close to 20 million people. Such a population is sustained by inputs of food, energy, water drawn from outside the NCR itself, resulting in an environmental footprint that far exceeds the land area of this major urban center. 

A similar pattern also occurs for many large cities elsewhere in the world. Process systems engineering (PSE) techniques have been used in the past decades for optimal planning and design of industrial systems. PSE involves the development and use of various computational techniques to make industrial operations more efficient, economically viable and environmentally sustainable. More recently, extensions of PSE to non-conventional applications have appeared in the literature. The proposed workshop is intended to stimulate discussion into the development and utilization of PSE techniques for the planning of sustainable urban systems, focusing specifically on the provision of sustainable supply of food, water and energy to large cities. The workshop will also be used to identify opportunities for collaborative research and field-testing of new PSE concepts.


Please apply online here before November 8.


For further information on the workshop please use the following contacts:

Luis F. Razon, PhD
Director, De La Salle Food Institute
De La Salle University

Professor Michèle Clarke
Assistant Pro Vice Chancellor (International) Asia
School of Geography
University of Nottingham