Workshop on universal healthcare

AHEALS and Newton Fund Researcher Links Workshop: “Are Current Research Efforts on Universal Health Care (UHC) in the Philippines Showing Evidence for Achieving the Goal? A Multidisciplinary Workshop for Early-Career Researchers”

About this opportunity

In 2010, the Philippine government declared Universal Health Care (UHC) as the primary goal of the health sector to contribute to efforts to defeat poverty. Almost five years since then, many UHC-related studies have been carried out by various institutions with support from the Philippine Department (Ministry) of Health. While most of these studies have been presented in various national fora, many have not been published in peer-reviewed journals. Thus, there remains a lack of a comprehensive and rigorous analysis of the quality of these studies and what they suggest about the country's progress towards UHC. Where do the Philippines stand in terms of the goal of achieving UHC?

By bringing together leading researchers and early-career researchers from the Philippines and the United Kingdom, this multidisciplinary workshop aims to provide a platform for engagement where participants get to examine the current state of UHC-related research in the Philippines, identify knowledge gaps, assess program effectiveness, develop policy recommendations, and propose new innovative research proposals as a contribution to national efforts towards UHC. Early-career researchers who represent various disciplines related to public health are expected to learn from the discussions during the workshop itself, benefit from excellent mentorship, and pursue an opportunity for collaborative training and research work in the medium- to long-term as part of advancing their professional development. Policy recommendations that will come out of this workshop are expected to benefit a number of Philippine government institutions involved in the implementation of programs towards the goal of UHC. Moreover, this workshop sets the stage for deepening collaborative ties between the Philippines and the UK in the medium- to long-term as new joint research proposals are developed and implemented.

Early Career Researchers 

Researchers will be invited through the network of the mentors and other supporting staff who may be interested in the workshop.

The British Council has defined early career researchers as those "who have been awarded their PhD not more than 10 years prior to the workshop (or have equivalent experience), but allowances can be made for career breaks. If a researcher does not hold a PhD, but has research experience equivalent to a PhD holder and works in a field where a PhD is not a pre-requisite for established research activity, they will still be considered eligible."

During the time when the workshop guidelines were being developed last year, the British Council limited participation to PhD holders only. However, in the context of the Philippines where many researchers in the health sciences do not possess a PhD degree, we proposed the relaxation of the criteria to include non-PhD holders as well; hence, this new definition. Given this definition, early-career researchers will also now include current PhD students who are working towards the completion of their degree, or even non-PhD students who have significant research experience.

Involvement of the early career researcher will be: 

In the pre-work where we will assign a number of studies to a pair of British-Filipino researchers who will assess these studies focusing on the technical merit and content in terms of what these studies are saying about universal health care in the Philippine setting working. Each pair will be assigned to a senior researcher mentor.

In the January 11-15 2016 workshop itself where the researchers are requested to present their work and participate in the forum. 

We also aim to produce review articles and/or collaborative proposals arising from the workshop

Eligibility Criteria

•Early-career researcher

For UK Participants: Europe Qualifications (PhD)

  • R1: First stage researcher (up to the point of PhD), or currently a PhD student
  • Relevant research interests in health systems or similar

For PH Participants: Comparable counterpart (Masters/MD level), ideally

  • PhD level will be automatically considered
  • Masters level with relevant research interests or MD, and at least 2 years of experience, preferably with at least 1 publication even as co-investigator

Application Process and Deadlines

Complete an online Application Form.

Selection process: a committee will evaluate the applications and inform them on the status of their application by the end of October or the 1st week of November

Deadline  UTC +8 Philippines 12.00 October 16, 2015

Late submissions will be considered on a case to case basis. The final closing for participants will be on UTC +8 Philippines 12.00 October 28, 2015.

The results of the application will be announced no later than UTC +8 Philippines 12.00 October 30, 2015 

Event Details

The date of the workshop will be on January 11-15 2016 and will be held in Metro Manila. Specific venue will be announced at a later date.

For UK participants – Airfare, accommodations, and airport transfers will be provided for pending their confirmation of attendance to the January workshop

For PH participants – transport, food and accommodations during the workshop will be provided for. For participants coming from outside Metro Manila needing air travel arrangement must be made prior with the organizers. 

Contact details

Please contact the A-HEALS administrative assistant Mrs. Amihan Perez at landline +63-2-531-4151 for further details.