STEM Education Programme

The STEM Education Programme will support knowledge exchange and partnership opportunities between the UK and partner countries on STEM education approaches and in doing so build the human resource capacity in a vital area for economic development and social well-being.

The programme will:

  • Support dialogue and knowledge exchange between the UK and partner country around STEM education approaches for improved curricula for primary, secondary and tertiary STEM education.
  • Support development of new and improved pedagogies and teaching and learning resources, relevant to partner country context and development need, leading to enhanced capacity for teaching STEM subjects.
  • Support centres of excellence for STEM education in partner countries through partnerships with UK experts.
  • Equip students with a better understanding and appreciation of STEM education in an international context

Activities and opportunities

Activities under the STEM Education Programme will be organised on a country by country basis. Examples of possible activity types include STEM curriculum development and consultancy, partnerships for STEM resource development and piloting innovative approaches to formal and informal STEM learning.

UK experts in STEM education will be engaged to develop/deliver activities. All opportunities will be listed on this web page, and the general British Council Newton Fund opportunities page.

In the Philippines, this programme is managed on a competitive basis by the British Council. Appropriate selection processes for each individual activity will be developed in partnership and agreed with the Commission on Higher Education.

Open calls

There are currently no open calls for this opportunity.