Art of Peace is a component of the Safe, Cohesive and Just Communities Project which aims to increase peace, safety and prosperity of vulnerable and at-risk Bangsamoro communities through alternative approaches such as arts and culture. It introduces the use of arts to bring people together in post-conflict community and creates a safe space to discuss their experiences and hopes for the Bangsamoro. It focuses on culture, development and community empowerment by equipping artists to engage to build trust, social cohesion and resilience for peace and stability in the region.

In partnership with The Change Collective and Xavier University, the Art of Peace workshop will build the capacities of 20 Art of Peace fellows who will develop and deliver social action projects in the Bangsamoro. Through inclusive and creative approaches, the artists will have the opportunity to promote an enabling environment for peace. The workshop will be held on 13-17 January at Xavier Sports and Country Club, Cagayan de Oro City.

Related document: The art of peace: The value of culture in post-conflict recovery was published in April 2019 featuring case studies such as those of Colombia and Rwanda. The research identifies two key strengths of culture: engaging communities in their own cultural language and setting the scene for understanding to be developed. According to the report, ‘Arts as a process and an approach can have significant impact on individuals, communities and society at large and contribute to an enabling environment for peace.’