MSc Meteorology

Dual Degree

The University of the Philippines-Diliman Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology (UPD-IESM) and the University of Reading (UoR) aim to develop a five-semester (2.5 years) dual MSc Meteorology by 2018. The first year of the programme will capacitate the graduate students with the core courses in synoptic, dynamic and physical meteorology, as well as climatology and graduate seminar in UPD-IESM. The second year will be a combined taught and research track in UoR, aiming to develop a research proposal that will merit as a masters thesis (dissertation) by the end of the dual program. Both UPD-IESM and UoR will find the common niche in their respective meteorology expertise; provide avenues for faculty and student research exchanges, and retooling of faculty capacities. The long-term goal is to  develop a dual programme for PhD Meteorology by research.

PhD Agriculture - Agricultural Economics / Agronomy / Animal Science / Enviromental Economics / Horticulture 

Dual Degree

The University of the Philippines Los Baños and the University of Reading are set to develop a Dual Doctor of  Philosophy (PhD Agriculture) by Research, with initial specializations in Agricultural Economics, Agronomy, Animal Science,  Environmental Economics, and Horticulture. The programme seeks to provide the advantages of a transnational education (TNE) to further develop capacities in agriculture and food  security in the country. It is being developed as a three-year program requiring a jointly  supervised dissertation, where students spend a minimum of one year at the partner university. The student and faculty exchanges engendered by the programme will allow sharing of best practices in teaching and research as well as access to complementary facilities and resources, which can serve as models for future TNE efforts.

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