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Design Center of the Philippines

We are collaborating with the Design Center of the Philippines for a pioneering project to map the design economy in the Philippines. We have commissioned a study to analyse the economic contribution and value chain of the design industry by mapping the design ecosystem of nine cities: Manila, Makati, Quezon City, Taguig, Baguio, Pampanga, Cebu, Davao and Cagayan de Oro.


In the UK, research studies have helped spur the growth of the creative industries sector that now contributes £111 billion to the UK economy. 

  • The recommendations from this undertaking will guide the formulation of a data-driven and evidence-based National Design Policy. This is to support the Philippines’ development agenda following the impact of Covid-19 on local artists and creative enterprises.
  • The mapping will have a huge influence on the design community. It aims to understand the value chain of the sector and contribution to the recognition of the role of design towards a growing creative economy.

Research partners

The following research experts from the UK and the Philippines were tapped to deliver the mapping project:

An adult woman wearing a printed shawl and necklace speaking at a podium with a microphone. Beside her is a transparent vertical rectangular testimonial box with the quoted text…we hope to provide an evidence-based model of the country’s design ecosystem…on how we can unleash the power of design to nurture globally competitive mico-small-medium enterprises and contribute design-led strategies to nation building. Rhea Matute Executive Director Design Center of the Philippines


Nordicity is an international creative sector consultancy specialising in research, policy, economics and sustainable development. They have undertaken a wide variety of cultural heritage, social and creative enterprise projects internationally. These include studies for the design sector and in people-led approaches.

Bayan Academy

Bayan Academy for Social Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Development or Bayan Academy is a non-profit subsidiary of ABS CBN Bayan Foundation. Established in 2009, they are known for their social enterprise and education work in the Philippines.

Anna Whicher

Anna is the Head of Policy Design at PDR (International Design and Research Centre), Cardiff Metropolitan University. She is responsible for developing partnerships, conducting research and evaluating impact for public and private organisations in Wales and Scotland. 

With the study, government leaders and policy makers will be able to create informed and data-driven policies to support the design sector. The output will also be a useful reference for researchers, investors and organisations interested in the creative economy in the Philippines. 

The results of the design economy mapping will be presented at the International Design Conference 2021, a flagship activity of the Design Center of the Philippines.

This initiative is supported by Connections Through Culture, a regional British Council-led programme of research and insights on the arts and creative economy in Southeast Asia. 


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