Do people stop and listen when you speak? Do you feel confident and credible when communicating? Do you feel a genuine connection with those who work with you? When a leader with executive presence speaks, people pay attention, feel inspired and moved to act. But can these skills be taught? The good news is yes!

This workshop is ideal for those new to leadership positions who want to craft their personal leadership style. It is also recommended for experienced leaders who want to enhance their level of influence and personal reputation.

Who should attend?

New and experienced managers who want to learn how to communicate their personal brand with impact and convey presence at work.


  • Have a clear understanding of the key characteristics of executive presence
  • Project a more confident image in the workplace
  • Strengthen your ability to connect and establish rapport

Learning Objectives

  • Decide what kind of leader you want to be known as
  • Learn how to communicate your personal brand to others
  • Practise techniques for thinking on your feet and responding confidently under pressure

Course Outline

What is Executive Presence?

  • Presence in practice
  • How can we enhance our executive presence?
  • The three Cs of executive presence

Establishing Credibility

  • Designing your personal brand
  • You and your legacy
  • Telling your story

Building Confidence

  • Poise under pressure
  • Increasing presence in meetings
  • Communicating your message clearly
  • Navigating difficult conversations 

Creating Connection

  • A full mind or mindful?
  • The empathy effect 
  • Mood contagion

Action Planning

Course Information

Duration: 2 days

Price: Php 11,500.00 

Maximum group size: 16