Philippine Academy of Sports

Image: Dr Frank Dick (EACA President) ICCE President John Bales (ICCE President), Sebastian Ripoll (DepED) and Sergio Lara-Bercial (LMU)

British Council-assisted local sports academy lauded in South Africa

Last September 2013, the British Council sent Sebastian Ripoll, Project Manager of the Philippine Academy of Sports, to present at the 9th International Council for Coaching Excellence Conference in Durban, South Africa. He presented on the on-going development of the sports academy to show the world how far the Philippines has progressed in the field of sports education.

The British Council is supporting the development of the Philippine Academy of Sports as it embraces a whole new technique regarding coaches’ education and athlete development within the Philippines.

The British Council in partnership with the Department of Education commissioned Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK to develop a student focused athlete curriculum and a coach education programme for the Philippine Academy of Sports. One public high school each from Metro Manila, Cebu City and General Santos City, all offering the Special Programme for Sports curriculum of the Department of Education, were selected to serve as the regional campuses. Eventually, a national campus that will serve as the centre for research will be established near Metro Manila.

Why Philippine Academy of Sports partners with the British Council

The goal is to improve coaching education and athlete development and for the Philippines to offer more intensive degrees in sports education. The expertise and networks of the British Council has enabled the Philippine Academy of Sports to take coaching education and athlete development to the next level. The launch of the implementation process in February 2014 will start with the training of coaches from the three pilot schools.

The British Council is excited to see how the new curriculum will improve the Philippines’ sports education and we are thrilled to be supporting coaching education and athlete development.