Greetings to all our partners and colleagues.

For almost five decades, the British Council has established itself as the leader in cultural relations in the Philippines, strengthening UK-Philippines relations through our work in Education, English, and Arts.

Our work has allowed us to contribute to, and significantly influence, policy making and cultural and academic development, with our programmes transforming and strengthening both the education and cultural landscapes in the country.

I am equally honoured and proud to share that our mission of supporting peace and prosperity by building connections, understanding and trust between people in the UK and the Philippines has made major strides in recent years. We have worked together with policymakers and stakeholders, influencing legislation of the Transnational Higher Education Act of 2019 and the Philippine Creative Industries Act of 2022. We have also pioneered 15 UK-Philippines academic postgraduate degrees and empowered over 30 research activities and over 90 academics through our education programmes.

Through our work in English and Exams, we have been able to support over half a million Filipinos across the country, making their dreams of living, working, and studying abroad come true. We have opened numerous test centres, and our operation is growing year on year.

But behind these numbers are the countless stories of changed lives that truly represent the most meaningful and lasting impact for us. In my work with various organisations NGOs, government, regional, private, and now, an international entity, I have seen a common thread – a passion to introduce much-needed change that opens and creates opportunities for others. This is the reason why I, along with my team, continue to do what we do.

Over the last 45 years, we have seen how the Philippines has transformed into a dynamic and rewarding hotspot for opportunities in English language teaching and assessment, higher education, creative industries, and cultural exchanges. Through our work in these areas, and in alignment with the UK Government, as the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities in the country, we shall continue to forge deeper and meaningful relations as we support the aspirations and ambitions of the Philippines.

I sincerely thank those who have been with us throughout the different stages of this wonderful journey. You have all made our 45th year such a proud and joyous one. Here’s to celebrating diversity, collaboration, and many more exciting opportunities in the years to come!

Lotus Postrado

Director Philippines