Paco Pumping Station, "Anak Ka Ng" by Ralph Eya and children from Hospicio de San Jose

A vibrant, colourful mural, designed by artist, Ralph Eya and children from the orphanage, Hospicio de San Jose, in Manila, now decorates a pumping station across the Pasig river from the orphanage. It is one of nine murals designed by local and international artists, as part of a project to regenerate the Pasig river.

Pasig River is historically an important transportation route in Metro Manila but has been declared overly polluted by ecologists. 'If we revive this river we’re reviving not only a transportation corridor, an environmental corridor, but also a cultural corridor. The city started from here and will once again grow from here,' Julia Nebrija. The murals were completed with the help of many local volunteers. 'We wanted to see Manila become as vibrant as it can be, and we wanted to see people enjoy the city even more.'


Hospicio de San Jose art workshop with Ralph Eya  © British Council Philippines 

Pasig River Art for Urban Change was a partnership between the British Council and Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA). Fifteen artists, including UK based artists Cristina Lina and Malarko Hernandez were commissioned to create the murals. Over 100 people, including volunteers and MMDA employees, were also part of the art production.

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