Featured image of CSO-SEED: Tackling issues through social enterprise

'We hope to be able to produce world-class and export-worthy Inaul products one day' - Bai Albaya Wampa, Al Jamelah Weaving Centre

Armed conflict has created challenges for the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. As it emerges from conflict, the British Council and the European Union seek to contribute to its development through Strengthening Civil Society Participation in Social Enterprise Education and Development (CSO-SEED).

CSO-SEED aims to achieve more inclusive and sustainable societies in conflict-affected areas in Mindanao. Inspired by the successes of Coffee for Peace and the Al Jamelah Organisation, it uses social enterprise as a pathway for job creation and small and medium enterprise (SME) development, and to address longstanding social issues. It does so through coalition building, policy engagement, capacity building for social enterprise support services, and small grants for advocacy, awareness raising and business support.

The British Council supports the establishment and growth of individual social enterprises and advises policy-makers who want to create the right environment for social enterprises to flourish. CSO-SEED also promotes the UK as a leader in social enterprise and builds trust between civil society and government, and encourage constructive dialogue between them.