Saturday 08 August 2020


The British Council in the Philippines is launching the report, 'Crafting futures — sustaining handloom weaving in the Philippines' through a digital gathering on 8 August 2020. The activity is in partnership with Muni, a sustainability communications company. The research is a significant review of the state of handloom weaving and wider craft sector in the country. It serves as a valuable reference for artisans, designers, entrepreneurs and decision makers to co-create a sustainable future for and through craft.

‘The Philippines has a vibrant and diverse culture, reflected in its cultural heritage and emerging practices of artisans today,’ says Pilar Aramayo-Prudencio, Country Director of the British Council in the Philippines. ‘While there are various reports on the wider craft industries in the

Philippines, we identified a need for an updated study on handloom weaving given the sector’s motivations to reinvent and propel itself into the local and global craft scene.’

One of the key findings of the report is that the perceived value of handloom weaving is constantly changing. This is often influenced by global trends like the circular economy, the market, or personal circumstances of weavers who are mostly women and mothers. The study also found that some collaborations with designers and government agencies have kept culture at the forefront of the practice, allowing the skill and heritage to continue. It further reveals that weaving is still able to significantly empower weavers as women, artists, entrepreneurs, community leaders and cultural agents. The report recommends continuous education, community investment and holistic interventions for the sector to thrive.

The launch kickstarts Crafting Futures, a global British Council initiative, in the Philippines in a sector heavily affected by the Covid-19 crisis. The programme seeks to contribute to more sustainable and resilient societies through research, collaboration and new networks between the Philippines, UK, and the world.

‘The Crafting Futures programme is designed to celebrate the value of craft in our history, culture and in the world today…bringing together designers, craft practitioners in organisations from around the world to explore the possibilities for the future of craft,’ Katia Stewart, Global Programme Manager Crafting Futures, said of the programme.

The British Council in the Philippines invites designers, community leaders and higher education institutions interested in research and collaboration within handloom weaving to download the report and join the sharing session. Interested parties may also get in touch via

Crafting Futures Together
8 August 2020 Saturday, via MUNI Facebook livestream, 16.00 to 18.00 (Manila)
'Crafting futures — sustaining handloom weaving in the Philippines' report can be downloaded here:

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