Monday 13 May 2019


In a forum jointly organised by the British Embassy Manila and the Chevening Alumni Foundation of the Philippines, Inc (CAFPI) on 3 April, British Council Head of Education Lotus Postrado presented to politicians, university leaders, academics and students the benefits of transnational education (TNE) to the Philippine higher education sector.

The discussion centred on House Bill No. 8682, An Act Expanding Access to Education Services Through the Establishment and Administration of Transnational Higher Education, and Appropriating Funds. The bill will provide a legal framework for the creation, operation, administration and coordination of TNE in the country. 

‘Increasingly, countries recognise the benefits of TNE in meeting local domestic demands for international qualifications and upgrading of tertiary education provisions. Collaborative TNE models such as joint, dual and double degree programmes fit the Philippines’ higher education context. Such models will ensure our universities have full control of development and delivery of academic programmes,’ Postrado said. 

Congressman Ron Salo authored House Bill No. 8682 and Senator Chiz Escudero sponsored it in the Senate. It is expected to be put into law this May.