What is the Creative Hubs Collaboration Grant?

The Creative Hubs Collaboration Grant supports projects undertaken by creative hubs based in the Philippines with the intention of working with a creative hub based in the UK. Grants of up to PH₱250,000 (around £3700) will be given to a maximum of five different creative hubs from the Philippines.

Collaboration makes sense when:

  • the scope or complexity of the project will benefit from each hub’s particular expertise or provided services, or will enable more effective and efficient delivery of the project or services than individual hubs working alone or separately.
  • working with another hub will allow the project to scale its audiences, markets or impact.

Types of collaborations include:

  • co–creation – jointly developing the project and agreeing upon a set of common goals and direction and sharing the risks and responsibilities for obtaining those goals.
  • partnership – jointly developing the project, but each hub assumes risks and responsibilities for pre–defined sections of the project. Additionally, one hub assumes the lead on project management.
  • invitation – the hub develops and assumes the lead responsibility on the project, but invites another hub, given shared goals, to contribute to predefined sections of the project.

Who are eligible?

The Creative Hubs Collaboration Grant is open to creative hubs based in the Philippines who want to collaborate with a creative hub based in the UK. 

An existing relationship or connection with the UK-based hub is required. The Philippine-based hub is responsible for contacting the UK-based hub to develop the grant proposal. The British Council is unable to initiate new connections between the Philippine-based hub and a UK-based hub for the purposes of developing the grant proposal. However, we can help follow up or liaise with the UK-based hub in order to advance the proposal or eventual project.

This 2019, the grant is limited to creative hubs who are part of the Creative Innovators Programme. The founder or manager of the hub will act as main proponent of the grant. 

Types of Hubs (the criteria apply to both PH and UK-based hubs)

1. Has been operating for 1-5 years, or an older hub looking to revamp its organisation. Types of hubs include:

  • creative hubs – design studios, makerspaces, co–working spaces, fab labs, or artist–run spaces with activities for product and professional development, etc.
  • enterprises in various fields – communication design, product design, applied arts, music, film, communication, architecture, fashion, game, industrial, urban planning, systems, etc.

2. The creative hub or enterprise has a social mission apart from creative production. It has a programme that helps the professional development of artists and entrepreneurs or actively engages with its immediate communities to respond to community issues.

3. The creative hub is currently working with or has supported at least 10 artists/creative entrepreneurs in the past. 

Types of Projects

1. Workshops, conferences, residency exchange programmes, festivals, product development (tangible/digital), resource development (research, toolkit, database, etc), study tours, artist/member promotions and creative community/city interventions, among others. 

2. The project must have both artistic and social outcomes. Projects related to increasing urban wellbeing, circular economy, sustainable design, empowering marginalised groups (youth, women and girls, LGBTQ) and heritage preservation will be prioritised. 

3. The project must be completed within 12 months of start date.

What are the criteria?

  1. Clarity of project elements (objectives, audience, governance structure, outcomes, etc)
  2. Feasibility of project given scope, time and budget
  3. Evidence of commitment for collaboration between PH and UK hubs
  4. Clarity on how the project will benefit immediate members or target audiences.
  5. Clarity on how evidence on project impact/reach will be documented or collected.

What are the important dates to remember?

  • The call will be open starting 17 May 2019.
  • Deadline for submission of proposals is 9 June 2019
  • Results will be announced on 2 July 2019. 

Who will the selection panel be?

The panel will be composed of members from the British Council and Creative Innovators partners.

For questions, you may contact Marc Ocampo, britishcouncil@britishcouncil.org.ph.