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Six of our Creative Innovators Programme (CIP) Fellows: Patricia Mendoza, Kae Batiquin, Paul Orpiada, Emi Englis, Regil Cadavos and Cham Lopez attended the National Commission for Culture and the Arts’ (NCCA) International Conference on Cultural Statistics and Creative Economy on 14 and 15 October in Cebu. As recognised creative hub leaders from Cebu, Naga and Davao, they were invited by the NCCA as presenters and panelists covering topics such as creative social enterprises, creative hubs and Cebu’s current bid to be a UNESCO Creative City.

To make the most of having the CIP fellows together in one city, the British Council organised a Facebook Live panel at ASPACE Cebu where CIP fellows could answer some of the questions raised during our networking and skills-building platform Creative Communities Unite (CCU): An Intercity Gathering held last August. CCU was a gathering of creatives from all over the Philippines, many asking some thought-provoking questions during our two-day conference, but unfortunately due to lack of time, some have gone unanswered.

After a quick tour of ASPACE Cebu and HoliCOW, two of our CIP Fellows’ hubs, we sat down with all six of them for an informal conversation about their work as creative hub founders and leaders, how they measure impact and what the Creative Innovators Programme has meant to them now that it is coming to a close.

For more information about Creative Communities Unite, check out our post-conference page here, featuring our presenters’ profiles and presentations, an archive of questions asked during the panel discussions and visual documentation of the entire two-day event.

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