Don Senoc of the Film Producers Society produced this fun, short documentary of the Creative Innovators UK study tour.

With the goal of establishing stronger links between organisations in the Philippines and the United Kingdom, Creative Hubs Connect! is part of the Creative Innovators Programme. Fellows spent a week (31 October to 7 November 2018) in the UK to meet hubs in London and Manchester, get to know how they are run, their sustainability measures, and meet potential collaborators.

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Creative Hubs Connect! objectives

  1. to address the needs and issues of hub managers through an interactive learning tour in the UK
  2. to give the Creative Innovators Fellows different and wider perspectives on how to run and sustain a creative hub
  3. to help the Fellows present and talk about their work outside of their usual comfort zone
  4. to establish links between hubs in the Philippines and the United Kingdom.