While traditional resources like land and capital are finite, everyone’s creative potential is practically limitless. John Howkins talks about how creative talent and unique cultural values are leading the world into the 21st century.

'Creativity is a true hallmark of the 21st century economic landscape, as more and more creative economies have emerged around the globe. The United Kingdom, Howkins’ home country, has long been a dynamic force in the global creative economy, partly in thanks to a rich cultural and creative history'. – John Howkins and the Creative Mind, adobo Magazine, 2019

John Howkins believes creativity is a generative process of creation, exploration and innovation – using ideas to generate new ideas endlessly. The global creative economy is an open, inclusive landscape where different regions of the world bring their own cultural values to the shared table. It is a melting pot of distinct, unique identities and the creative economy can only benefit from this 'cornucopia of knowledge and immense talent'.

John Howkins and the Creative Mind, by Sam Beltran, 2019.

Originally published in adobo magazine's Creative Economy Issue, 2019.

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