'The world is so interconnected that we cannot be isolated – connecting with hubs in Germany, Korea, Taiwan and China is very important. To enrich somebody means there should be elements of talent exchange, not just ideas exchange. It is in the cultural differences and ability to interact with other creatives that would enhance opportunities and open minds. The role of the government is an ecosystem builder'. – Creative Industries: The Next Sunrise Industry, adobo magazine, 2019

On 27 November 2018, the Joint Foreign Chambers of the Philippines held a special forum called ‘Creative Industries: The Next Sunrise Industry’.This article highlights some of the important conversations between government and cultural leaders on creative hubs, cultural heritage and the push to make the Philippines a leader on the creative economy in Southeast Asia.

Creative Industries: The Next Sunrise Industry, by adobo magazine, 2019. Originally published in adobo magazine’s Creative Economy Issue, 2019

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