This motivating workshop provides you with a better understanding of yourself and your team members.  You’ll be able to improve relationships, motivate your team and lead more effectively. 

You will receive a personalised 4,000-word Team Management Profile based on your answers to a powerful psychometric profiling tool (by Team Management Systems), highlighting your work preferences. You will use this to reflect on your strengths and opportunities to improve the way you lead your team.

Who should attend?

Managers and team leaders who want insights into their personal style of behaviour at work, who want to understand others and develop their leadership skills.


  • Understand why people behave in certain ways  at work  
  • Have an in-depth awareness of your leadership strengths and opportunities for improvement 
  • Be able to increase the level of engagement in your team  

Learning Objectives

  • Gain a detailed understanding of how you and others behave at work
  • Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your team
  • Identify how to help your team to better achieve its potential

Course Outline

Understanding Types of Work

  • The 8 essential work functions
  • You and the work functions
  • Your team and the work functions

Understanding Preferences

  • The 4 types of work preferences
  • Your work preferences
  • Your profile Team Management Profile 

Analysing your Team

  • Identifying their work preferences and strengths
  • Dealing with skills gaps
  • Allocating the right work to the right people  

Leading your Team

  • Assessing relationships within your team 
  • Developing your team members
  • Identifying what motivates your team 

Course information

Length: 1 day

Maxium class size: 16