This engaging workshop introduces the skills required to take part in successful negotiations. It introduces a systematic approach to preparing and conducting negotiations at all levels.

On this course you will analyse case studies, discuss real life experience and take part in simulations.

Who should attend?

Managers, executives, buyers, procurement officers and other staff who negotiate.


• Feel more confident when negotiating

• Positively influence the outcomes of your negotiations

• Achieve win-win outcomes in negotiations

Learning Objectives

• Apply a systematic approach to preparing for a negotiation

• Learn how to avoid common negotiating mistakes

• Practice putting your views across in non-confrontational ways

Course Outline


• What is negotiation?

• When is negotiation a good idea?

• The four elements of an effective negotiation

Element One: Interests

• The difference between positions and interests

• Identifying and prioritising your interests

• Common mistakes when handling interests

Element Two: Options

• Generating and evaluating possible options

• Identifying your ideal outcome

• Common errors when generating options

Element Three: Criteria for Fairness

• Establishing and agreeing criteria 

• Common pitfalls when evaluating fairness 

Element Four: Commitment

• What to consider when closing a deal

• Ways to close a deal successfully

A framework for the negotiation process

Course Information

Duration: 2 days

Price: Php 11,500.00 

Maximum group size: 16