Do your customers shout at you? Do you sometimes feel like shouting back? Anyone who works in a front-line customer service position has, at some time, had to deal with exceptionally challenging customers. This helpful workshop gives you practical tips and techniques to deal with these situations in a calm, assertive way.

Through discussions, case studies and role plays, you will learn why people react in anger; how to manage your own reactions; and how to handle those of your customers.

Who should attend?

Customer service professionals, executives and managers who want to build confidence in dealing with extremely challenging customers.


  • Better understand your customers’ anger and your own reactions
  • Know how to diffuse angry confrontations
  • Feel more confident in dealing with extremely challenging customers

Learning Objectives

  • Analyse difficult situations and handle them more appropriately
  • Learn ways to calm down and think straight
  • Use a range of strategies to be more assertive with extremely challenging customers

Course Outline


• Exploring the different stages of anger

• Being on the anger escalator

• Building empathy using case studies


• Dealing with stress

• Discovering the root causes of anger

• Calming angry and agitated customers


• Refusing requests and offering alternatives

• Explaining policy using assertive techniques

• Varying your tone

Handling Challenging Customer Complaints 

• What not to say

• Structuring a reply

Dealing with Hostile and Abusive Customers

• Identifying hostile and abusive customers

• Using questions to re-focus

• Handling personal criticism 

Course Information

Length: 2 days

Maximum group size: 16