This essential workshop will help you to effectively manage the difficulties of dealing with change in your work and personal life.

We use a personal profiling tool (QO2) to help you understand your attitudes to change and how you can make the most out of the opportunities that it presents. This workshop involves lots of reflection, discussion and group work. 

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to develop a positive attitude to change and make the most of the changes going on around them.


  • Understand the process and value of change
  • Maximise your ability to cope with change 
  • Be able to support others through change

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and focus more effectively on opportunities during change
  • Overcome obstacles and achieve objectives during change
  • Effectively manage your emotions and performance during change.

Course Outline

What is Change?

  • Defining change
  • Identifying change in your organisation
  • Facing opportunities and obstacles 

Moving Towards Goals

  • Defining moving towards goals (MTG) energy
  • Techniques for improving MTG energy
  • Practical goal setting


  • Understanding the role of fault-finding
  • Identifying and analysing obstacles to change

Multi-pathways Thinking

  • Using creative and logical thinking tools
  • Overcoming obstacles at work

Optimism and Opportunities

  • Managing your moods and emotions
  • Applying an optimistic focus

Time Focus

  • Preserving the past
  • Changing for the future

Course Information

Length: 2 days

Maximum group size: 16