This engaging workshop examines how leaders can help their teams deal successfully with change. People must be able to take advantage of the opportunities and overcome the obstacles that change presents. This workshop shows leaders how to enable their staff to do this.

You will receive your own personal QO2 profile. It will give you valuable information about the way you are likely to respond to change and how you can help your staff.

Who should attend?

Senior managers, office managers and team leaders at departmental or divisional level.


  • Understand your personal attitude towards change
  • Help staff to grasp opportunities and overcome obstacles 
  • Better lead your team through times of change

Learning Objectives

  • Communicate the goals of change and encourage your staff to achieve them
  • Identify obstacles to change and help your team to overcome them
  • Learn ways to keep your team optimistic and focused on the future benefits of change

Course Outline

Understanding Change

  • Attitudes toward change
  • Obstacles to change
  • Change in your workplace 
  • Your QO2 Profile

Moving Towards Goals Energy

  • Improving the focus of your team
  • Using the Behavioural Communication Model 
  • Communicating change to your team 


  • Analysing potential obstacles
  • Helping your team find faults 

Multi-Pathways Thinking

  • Using right brain creative thinking tools
  • Using left brain logical thinking tools
  • Helping your team overcome obstacles


  • Strategies to manage emotions
  • Helping your team to counter negativity 

Time Focus

  • Focussing on past, present and future
  • Helping your team be more future focussed

Course Information

Length: 2 days

Maximum group size: 16