This essential workshop is designed to increase your confidence with note-taking and minute-writing by introducing approaches to writing clearer and more accurate minutes. You will also learn how to communicate in ways that help improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your minutes.

As well as discussions and games, you will watch video meetings and take real minutes.  There will be a role-play meeting and you will also receive feedback from your trainer on what you need to do to improve your minutes.

Who should attend?

Staff who take notes in briefings, or who write the minutes of meetings.


  • Feel more confident during meetings and take better notes
  • Be able to report discussions and actions using correct grammar and tone
  • Know how to select the right content for different types of minutes

Learning Objectives

  • Overcome difficulties in note-taking and minute-writing
  • Identify the conventions and formats for different types of meetings
  • Improve the accuracy of your language

Course Outline


  • What competencies do minute-takers need?
  • What is the purpose of minutes?
  • How can minute-takers overcome difficulties? 

Preparing to Take the Minutes

  • Rights and obligations of the minute-taker
  • Being assertive
  • Note taking formats
  • Types of minutes


  • Selecting the right level of formality
  • Using reported speech
  • Getting your grammar right 


  • Reporting the outcome of meetings
  • Using diplomatic language

Just do it!

  • Video meetings
  • Roleplay meetings
  • Review of your minutes

Course Information

Length: 2 days

Maximum group size: 16