We all use our voices to communicate at work. But are you making the most of this valuable asset?

This workshop will help you develop the skills and strategies for successful vocal communication in the modern business environment.  Through a range of techniques, activities and exercises, you will learn how to care for your voice and communicate in a way that creates maximum impact. You will practise using your voice in a range of business simulations including webinars, pitches and announcements. 

Who should attend?

 Anyone who wants to increase the power of their vocal communication.


• Care for your voice better

• Control how you are communicating vocally

• Communicate with greater confidence using your voice

Learning Objectives

• Learn strategies to protect and project your voice

• Use a range of vocal elements to increase the power of your voice

• Apply techniques to engage your audience using your voice 

Course Outline


• The nature of communication

• The 6 Ps

• Your current vocal skills


• Caring for your voice

• How the voice works

• Techniques to warm up your voice


• Common projection problems

• Tips for projecting with impact

• Practising your projection


• Pitching it right

• Intonation

• Using your voice for atmosphere and influence


• The phonological core 

• Consonant sounds & clusters 

• Long and short vowel sounds

• Syllable stress 

pausing & pacing

  • Pausing for impact
  • Pausing and sentence stress
  • Stress techniques
  • Pacing your speech

your voice at work

  • Making announcements using a microphone
  • Conducting an effective video conference
  • Delivering engaging webinars


  • Your current vocal skills 

Course Information

Length: 2 days

Maximum group size: 16