Monday 28 March 2022

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The Climate Connection Global Knowledge Exchange

A Cultural Relations Approach to Climate Action

28 March 2022  10.00-13.30 BST  Online 

Event presented by Hajar Yagkoubi, Youth Inclusion Expert

1000 to 1010 Welcome and Introduction
1010 to 1050

Knowledge and Insight

Perceptions, attitudes, challenges, and readiness of young people globally to tackle climate change, including the latest from the ‘8000 Rising’ campaign and other global research activity. 

Session lead: Monomita Nag-Chowdhury, The Climate Connection Programme Lead, British Council

A panel, including representatives from our partner organisations such as YOUNGO, the Association of Commonwealth Universities and The Climate Connection’s Green Scholars, will reflect on the findings, discuss the role of cultural relations in climate action, and ask ‘what next?’ for future research, policy and practice.

1050 to 1100 Break
1100 to 1220

Cultural Relations in Action 

A showcase of what The Climate Connection has learnt, highlighting new knowledge and opportunities for future action across four areas of the programme.

Showcase 1 - Climate Action in Language Education

Showcase 2 - Climate Connection International Schools Partnerships

Showcase 3 – Climate Connection Higher Education Partnerships

Showcase 4 - Climate Connection Creative Commissions

Followed by a further discussion on the role, value and impact of a cultural relations approach to climate action, including around climate education, cultural policy, and youth voice and participation. 

Session lead: Alison Barrett MBE, The Climate Connection Project Director, British Council; Senior representatives from our partner organisations

1220 to 1230 Break
1230 to 1315

Review and Response

An opportunity for all participants and audience members to exchange thoughts on what they have seen and discuss where more action should be taken next.

1315 to 1330

Conclusion and Look Ahead

Setting the agenda for COP 27 and the opportunity to create future action, dialogue and policy engagement around climate action priorities across the core cultural relations sectors of sectors of English, education and arts and culture.