Congratulations to British Council IELTS Prize 2015 Philippine winners, Yakov Jonathan Lerer, Marie CDDYQA Jaya Rogel and Ewygene Templonuevo, who were each awarded a Php140,000 prize for further study in the UK.

The British Council also awarded five students in the East Asia region with an amount of £12,000 each, who will be entering their dream universities overseas to pursue further education. All of the regional prize winners will be pursuing further study in the UK.

IELTS Prize 2015 Winners

IELTS Prize 2015 winner Marie CDDYQA Jaya Rogel accepts her award.

Marie CDDYQA Jaya Rogel, Durham University

"As a highly respected and widely recognised assessment of English proficiency, the IELTS opens doors to many academic opportunities worldwide. My IELTS test results was an integral part of my application to Durham University, a top-tier research university in the UK, where I will study sustainability, culture and development anthropology. I am honoured to be a recipient of the IELTS Prize, and I am extremely grateful to have the support of the British Council as I further my education overseas."

IELTS Prize 2015 winner Ewygene Templonuevo accepts her award.

Ewygene Templonuevo

"Winning this year’s IELTS Prize is a great help to fulfill my dreams of studying abroad and of becoming a translator. My chosen field of study and career path needs exposure to foreign cultures and an immersion abroad which I can now accomplish. I hope that this yearly prize continues to help students fulfill their dreams and thereby contribute to the betterment of our society and our nation."

IELTS Prize 2015 winner Yakov Jonathan Lerer accepts her award.

Yakov Jonathan Lerer

"I am so excited to have the opportunity to study in London! The British Council has been such a great help in this journey – from the earliest days of figuring out the application process to applying for the IELTS test and now facilitating the IELTS Prize. I am deeply grateful to the British Council for the award and for the warmth which they have consistently given."