Angelica Bella Misa

Researcher and entrepreneur, WVN Home Textiles

Angelica is a sustainability advocate interested in artisanal crafts, ethical sourcing through grassroots community engagement and circular design. She wakes up every day because of her work with WVN Home Textiles , which has a mission: to sustain traditional handloom weaving in the Philippines.

Adhi Nugraha

Teacher, designer and maker, Department of Design, Bandung Institute of Technology

Adhi Nugraha earned his master’s and PhD in Craft Design from the University of Art and Design (now known as Aalto University) in Helsinki, Finland. Having worked at a design firm in Germany, he returned to Indonesia in 2013 to teach in Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). Nugraha also works independently in his Bandung design studio and workshop. His interests are craft and design, community development, sustainability and the sociocultural aspects in design. 

Dr Analyn Salvador-Amores

Curator, Museo Kordilyera

Analyn Salvador-Amores, PhD is an associate professor at the University of the Philippines Baguio and a Museo Kordilyera curator. She studies Cordillera textiles as project leader of CordiTex. She has a doctorate in Social Anthropology from Oxford University. Her research interests include non-Western aesthetics, endangered languages, material culture, ethnographic museums and visual anthropology. She authored 'Tapping Ink, Tattooing Identities: Tradition and Modernity in Contemporary Society'.

Kamonnart Ongwandee

Designer, Kamonnart

Kamonnart Ongwandee earned her master’s degree in Textiles at the Royal College of Art. She started as a printed textiles designer before expanding to fashion design. She is now involved in the Fashion Revolution movement in Thailand. She is an honouree for the Generation T Asia List 2019, a member of Circular Design Lab Bangkok and Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Circular Economy Pioneers community in South East Asia. She is a visiting lecturer on Creative Textiles at Chulalongkorn University.

Katelijn Verstraete

Director Arts & Creative Industries East Asia, British Council

Katelijn Verstraete has been the Director of Arts & Creative Industries East Asia, British Council, since October 2012. She set up BizArt, the first independent art space in Shanghai, in 1999. She works on developing multi-stakeholder platforms between Asia and Europe in the areas of cultural policy, artistic exchange, training and digital exchange for , , and . Katelijn is the co-author of the Europe-China Cultural Compass.

Kenno Uy

Founder, Lesstics

Kenno Uy is the founder and CEO of Lesstics, a plastic repurposing company that addresses the environmental impact of single-use plastics. A trained nurse, he now develops software and organises training events for SMEs. Kenno is part of the Geneva Forum Consultative Committee for Sustainable Developmental Goals for the United Nations and was invited to speak during the 10th Geneva Forum last December 2019. He is active in 'Makers Without Boarders' with the international Fab Lab association.

Maria Lourdes Martinez Onozawa


Maria Lourdes Martinez Onozawa is a Green Lifestyle Architect and Environment Planner with 35 years of Integrative Architectural experience. Her work on the perpetuation and preservation of Chamorro culture in the Marianas Islands earned her a US Senatorial Award. She won the Cebu Chamber of Commerce’s Environment Responsible Entrepreneur Award and was one of the Ten Outstanding Cebuanos for Sustainable Green Development. She is a voting member of the ICOMOS Committee on Vernacular Architecture.

Stefano Santilli

Senior Lecturer, School of Art at the University of Brighton

Stefano Santilli is Senior Lecturer in the School of Art at the University of Brighton
and a visiting lecturer in the Architecture School at Lund University. He has taught, run workshops and exhibited his own practiced based research work internationally.

Sudebi Thakurata

Narrative Designer and Educator, Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology

Sudebi Thakurata is a narrative designer, creative facilitator, educator, writer and singer. Her work inter-weaves socially, environmentally and culturally relevant issues with design thinking, imagination, systems thinking, pedagogy, visual and performing arts, oral history, crafts, ethnography, research and design. She is a facilitator at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology and a Creative Facilitator at SEAΔ. She co-founded the transdisciplinary design collective Depicentre.

Yegwa Ukpo

Founder, Newtype

After co-founding and running a branding and content creation studio for several years, Yegwa Ukpo co-founded Stranger, a concept store, café and maker library in 2013. Yegwa Ukpo is now the founder of Newtype , a maintenance practice focused on wisdom ecologies of food, shelter, clothing and being. He is interested in the intersection between indigenous practice, planet-centric approaches to design and alternative forms of culture production.