Making Futures: Rethinking Craft Communities, Taking on Global Challenges is a three-day conference taking place in Cebu, the Philippines from 6-8 March 2020 at the Quest Hotel. It is a partnership between the British Council and Plymouth College of Art and supported through British Council’s Crafting Futures global programme, the Design Center of the Philippines and the Philippine Textile Research Institute.

Making Futures explores contemporary craft and maker movements as ‘change agents’ in societies across the globe by investigating key issues concerning the progressive possibilities presented by the revival, development and promotion of these sectors. These issues, many of which will be discussed in Cebu, include: the changing nature of both craft and industry, developments in digital technologies, sustainability in the context of the global climate crisis, material innovations, social and community-based regeneration, and craft leadership.

The conference platform positions the Philippines and Southeast Asia as an exciting region for approaches and ideas that other parts of the world may not have heard of.

It also actively seeks to stimulate the formation of connections and networks that can lead to future partnerships.

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