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If you were unable to attend the Making Futures conference in Cebu, Philippines, or would like more information about the conference activities, events and presentations, all the digital contents are made available here.


Seph Aparente Folios

Making Leaders: Crafting Leadership Cultures Presentations

Amneh Shaikh-Farooqui - Crafting a new future for Pakistani artisans – From livelihoods to reimagined sustainability 
Presentation Video
Breakout Yegwa Ukpo - Guildcrafting for the maintenance of wisdom ecologies
 Presentation  Video 
Breakout Kamonnart Ongwandee - Making Change: Weaving community resilience with sustainable fashion
 Presentation  Video
Breakout Sudebi Thakurata - Transformational leadership in design and crafts 
 Presentation Video

Digital-Analogue Crafting

Keynote 2 Tomas Diez - Designing Emergent Futures 
Presentation Video
Breakout Tobias Guggenheimer - DTI-Design Center Digital Artisans Project
Presentation Video
Breakout Analyn Salvador-Amores - From Backstrap to Digital Loom: Digitising Traditional Textiles in the Cordillera, North Luzon Philippines
Presentation Video
Breakout Anton Hasell - Transitioning analogue traditional bell making to the digital 3D Additive Manufacturing processes for new acoustic experience 
Presentation Video

Crafting in Industry

Breakout Adhi Nugraha - Should Craft Become Industry? Some Indonesian Cases 
Presentation Video 
Breakout Karina Abola - Crafting Ginhawa: A critical exploration of social inequality and ginhawa (well-being) in the context of Filipino craft 
Presentation Video 
Breakout Suryani Senja Alias - How can Craft be an integral part of the Creative Industry in Malaysia? 
Presentation Video 

Lifecycles of Material Worlds (Sustainability in Action)

Opening remarks Kenneth Cobonpue - Inspiration from Sustainable Materials
Keynote 3 Cameron Tonkinwise - The Craft of Being Local Together
Presentation Presentation Video Conference Video
Plenary Kenno Uy - LESSTICS–Putting Value in single use plastics
Presentation Video
Plenary Stefano Santilli - The Wiki-Waste-Workshop / Waste it’s Mine it’s Yours
Presentation Video 
Plenary Santiago Alfaro - Sustainability in Conflict: Crafting the Future of Junco Basketry 
Presentation Video

Materials and Processes in Transformation

Workshop Ma. Lourdes Joy Martinez Onozawa - Bamboo 101: An Introduction to the Benefits of Bamboo
Presentation Video (Talk)Video (Workshop)
Workshop Evangeline Manalang - Workshop on Philippine textile surface design using natural dyes
Presentation Video
Workshop Carmen Hijosa - Piñatex: A New Material for a New World
Presentation Video

Craft as Social Enterprise

Keynote 4 Kenza Oulaghada - Anou: Beyond fair trade
Presentation Video Open forum
Breakout Tabatha Andrews - From Object to Gesture: Crafting Language
Presentation Video
Breakout Nripal Adhikary - Creating Bamboo Based Economy in Nepal
Presentation Video
Breakout Passawee Kodaka - Folkcharm’s Impact Story: A Social Enterprise that attempts to make relevant Traditional Crafts through Design and Branding of a Traceable Supply Chain and Sustainable Production 
Presentation Video

Building Craft Networks & Partnerships in Action

Breakout Butch Carungay - Cebu's Creative City Designation
Presentation Video 
Breakout Rebekah Cheng - Spreading the Impact of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) x Design
Presentation Video 
Breakout Gwendolyn Kulick - Craft for Empowerment in Pakistan – A Systems Approach into Manifested Structures, Processes, Values and Mind-sets
Presentation Video 

Performative Convocation

Kidlat Tahimik - Performative Convocation
Presentation Open forum


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