Hannah Reyes Morales

‘Plastic Passages’ aims to explore and narrate the story of plastic pollution recognised as one of the most significant threats to global marine biodiversity, and an issue greatly affecting the coastal community.

The collaboration is a central part of ‘Follow The Water,’ Emerging Islands' ridge-to-reef creative mapping of the waterways of La Union, Philippines. To connect global and local experiences on the problem of plastic, the Emerging Islands' community participates in UK-based photographer Mandy Barker’s creative process in three stages: 

  • research and materials gathering with the community to inform Mandy Barker’s remote expedition into Philippine waters.
  • a plastics photography workshop facilitated by Emerging Islands and Filipino photographer Hannah Reyes Morales for an environmental youth organisation.
  • collaborative production of new work by Mandy Barker and Hannah Reyes Morales.

This project also establishes a framework that can be employed by other coastal communities. It endeavours to engage the plastic problem holistically, by allowing local perspectives to shape a global conversation and by fostering inter-community exchange through art.

Meet the grantees:

Emerging Islands, Arts for impact organisation ©

Hannah Reyes Morales

A short-haired woman photographed black and white with her left hand on her chin
Mandy Barker, Photographer ©

Knut Koivisto

Emerging Islands (La Union, Philippines)

Emerging Islands is a coastal-based arts organisation that employs an archipelagic framework to launch community-based cultural inquiry and deliver intersectional ecological impact. Their activities aim to explore engagements between artists and local stakeholders on issues relating to the natural world.

The Emerging Islands team was founded by practitioners from different arts and arts-related fields. They bring in experience and expertise from the fields of publication, curatorial, music, visual arts, production and strategy.

Mandy Barker (England, United Kingdom)

Mandy Barker is an international award-winning photographer whose work involving marine plastic debris for more than 12 years, has received global recognition. Working with scientists she aims to raise awareness about plastic pollution in the world's oceans, highlighting the harmful affect on marine life and ourselves - ultimately leading the viewer to take action.

Her works have been published in more than 50 countries, among them National Geographic, TIME, The Guardian and Smithsonian.

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