A screenshot of a virtual meeting of eight people

‘Toolkits for Counterparts’ brings together a virtual collaboration of three pairs of UK and Philippine-based artist-activists in different fields of visual arts through a series of workshops. It culminates through the development of a creative toolkit for transnational resistance in the context of digital spaces. 

This free-to-access online toolkit will be composed of creative responses in the forms of videos, practical tools, and narrative accounts of cultural producers working in the virtual realm. The project aims to: 

  • build a network of artists from the UK and the Philippines who use art as a creative tool for resistance
  • support cultural and knowledge exchange through workshops on art, technology and digital rights issues (e.g. data privacy, cybersurveillance, censorship, and facial recognition)
  • produce a digital toolkit that addresses the concerns of cultural workers in the digital space, including those who are marginalised, queer and disabled.

Meet the grantees:

A man wearing straw hat, purple sunglasses and a cloth face mask printed with pursed lips with cigarette in between
Mac Andre Arboleda, Artist and Founding President, UP Internet Freedom Network ©

Mac Andre Arboleda

A person with green hair and shaved head, wearing black and white long-sleeved top with exposed shoulders
April Lin, Artist-filmmaker and videographer ©

El Hardwick

Mac Andre Arboleda (Laguna, Philippines)

Mac Andre Arboleda is a Filipino artist; the Founding President of the UP Internet Freedom Network; Project Lead of the Artists for Digital Rights Network and member of art collective Magpies Press. Between 2015 and 2019, he organised Zine Orgy, a biannual publishing expo in Los Baños, Laguna. He also organised Munzinelupa, an arts festival that hosted zine expos, musical performances, film screenings and discussions in Muntinlupa City, Philippines between 2018 and 2020.

April Lin (England, United Kingdom)

April Lin 林森 is an artist-filmmaker investigating image-making as a site for the construction, sustenance, and dissemination of co-existent yet conflicting truths. They dream, explore, critique, fret, catastrophise, imagine and play with the potentials that the moving image holds — for a collective remembering of forgotten pasts, critical examination of normalised presents, visualisation of freer futures as imagined from the periphery. Their films have been shown and screened at: HOME, Beijing International Short Film Festival, Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival and NOWNESS Asia.