This initiative aims to promote the extraordinary work of Filipino composer José Maceda through an international online broadcast of ‘Cassette 100’ which was originally filmed as part of 2019 The Performing Arts Meeting (TPAM) in Yokohama, Japan. The original performance featured 100 volunteer participants while playing tapes of folk instrumental.  

The performances and voices are choreographed and directed by Sachiko Higashino and Toshio Kajiwara, originally programmed by Aki Onda.

Meet the grantees:



33-33 (England, United Kingdom)

33-33 is a UK-based cooperative that promotes exploratory and experimental music and arts around the globe since 2013. Through year-round events and bespoke projects with artists, they engage with the rapidly changing social and material conditions of contemporary culture. 33-33 is represented by their Project Manager Nathan Comer. 

University of the Philippines Center for Ethnomusicology (Quezon City, Philippines)

University of the Philippines Center for Ethnomusicology (UPCE) is a centre for music research with material collections on the music and musical traditions in the Philippines, Southeast Asia and other countries. A leading research institution in the region, it seeks to preserve and promote the Jose Maceda Collection and generate music‐related knowledge and materials from an interdisciplinary perspective for studies, teaching, artistic production and other applications. UPCE is represented by their Director Dr LaVerne de la Peña.

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