'Create Local', Kristoffer Rouge Panes, 2021

About the research

The study aims to provide a roadmap towards more inclusive policies on arts, culture and the creative economy. It will cover select local government units where Angat Bayi fellows are located.  More specifically, the research will: 

  • review existing laws and policies on arts and culture in the Philippines and the UK
  • draft policy recommendations on arts and culture to be presented to the fellows

Research theme

The research tackles the sector specific value chain and stakeholder analysis and comparison in the UK and the Philippines.

Meet the grantee:

Ma Himaya Tamayo, Programme Manager of Angat Bayi ©

Maya Tamayo

Ma Himaya Tamayo (Quezon City, Philippines)

Ma Himaya ‘Maya’ Tamayo is the co-founder and programme manager of Angat Bayi, a groundbreaking university-based programme aimed at promoting feminist leadership. She believes that arts, culture and the community’s well-being should be at the heart of governance.

Maya’s dance background prompted her to explore arts and movement in training and research. She pursues this through innovative projects to further women’s empowerment and creative pedagogies, such as the Conversations Through Art programme of the UP Center for Women’s and Gender Studies.  

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