The Materials Library Expansion further develops its existing digital database by adding 40 to 50 local, indigenous materials from the Philippines and the UK. The online platform supports e-learning and a research process for a more sustainable and responsible approach to design worldwide. This is the first collaborative effort between two UNESCO Creative Cities of Design, Cebu, Philippines and Dundee, Scotland

Meet the grantees:

MATIC Hub led by their Project Manager Patricia Mendoza ©


Gillian Easson, Director, Creative Dundee

MATIC Hub (Cebu, Philippines)

MATIC Hub is a sustainable and multi-disciplinary enabling space for Cebu’s creative community. They provide a platform for start-ups, communities and youth organisations to collaborate with experienced stakeholders from the academe, industry and government. MATIC Hub is represented by their Project Manager Patricia Mendoza, a Creative Innovators Fellow from our Creative Innovators Programme.

Gillian Easson (Scotland, United Kingdom)

Gillian Easson is the Director of Creative Dundee in Scotland. She designs a diverse portfolio of projects in collaboration with the team, and leads strategic partnerships, which support the sustainability of creative communities. With a background in design and innovation, she has used this to improve access routes to education, employment and enterprise. 

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