Intimated Threads is a creative output from an online residency with fellow artist Bunny Cadag, highlighting virtual conversations and sharing of respective artistic practices and cultural contexts. Artists Niya B and Bunny explore themes of gender variance, LGBTQ+ rights, precolonial cultural traditions and the relationship with nature. It presents a performance and talk that respond to current issues on ecological crisis and gender diversity is presented at the end of the residency. 

Meet the grantees:

Niya B, Transfeminist artist ©

Zbigniew Tomasz Kotkiewicz

Bunny Cadag, Multi-disciplinary artist ©

Elyandre Miguel Dagli

Niya B (England, United Kingdom)

Niya B is a transfeminist artist working at the intersections of visual art and performance. She explores themes related to ecology, gender politics and equity in mental health. Niya uses video, soundscapes, text and live acts to create a meditative space of vulnerability, affect and interdependence. 

Bunny Cadag (Manila, Philippines)

Bunny Cadag is a multi-disciplinary artist based in the Philippines, whose practice spans theatre, television, singing and contemporary performance. Her current performance research is focused on pre-colonial gender plurality, traditional singing rituals, healing practices and gender equality. Bunny’s acts are often participatory and community based, amplifying voices of marginalised groups within the wider community. 

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