Design Center of the Philippines

The British Council and the Design Center of the Philippines are looking to work with a UK - and Philippine-based research team collaboration to pioneer a mapping study to understand the existing design economy of the Philippines and its critical role in the development agenda. 
Design and creative councils and design/innovation-driven organisations, including the academic and creative economy research communities, are highly encouraged to apply.
The study aims to map five (5) key design areas of the country: 
• Key cities within the Metro Manila, National Capital Region namely, Manila City, Makati City, Quezon City and Taguig City.
• Baguio.
• Pampanga.
• Cebu.
• Davao and Cagayan de Oro.
The output of the design mapping will guide the formulation of the National Design Policy, as well as plans and programmes of the Design Center of the Philippines and the British Council to nurture the Philippine Design Economy.
This project is part of a wider British Council-led programme of research on the creative economy across South East Asia. It aims to generate new, engaging and relevant evidence of the creative economy in the said region.


Design economy mapping is crucial to assert the sector’s recognition and value as one of the Philippines’ economic growth engines. The study will also serve as a common frame of reference, creating the standards of the Philippine design industry and show that design, as an economic and professional pursuit, is sustainable and formally recognised.

Through data extrapolation and visualisation, this mapping study aims to acquire quantifiable data and provide a substantial picture of the Philippine design economy. The mapping shall also understand the design landscape of the five key areas, and a meta-analysis of their design conditions and profiles.

As the first ever concrete and comprehensive mapping of the Philippine Design Economy, it shall have a huge impact on design stakeholders. These are the champions, councils, associations, networks and clusters, skills development agencies, intellectual property, creative hubs, incubators and accelerators among others. The study will provide evidence in professionalising the sector, and in raising its profile and understanding its dynamics as the country embarks on nurturing its creative economy, to which design is expected to play a big role.

Roles of the UK – Philippine research teams

The UK researcher will be expected to lead the project and work with Philippine researchers who will be part of the team. 

The UK researcher shall provide inputs — in addition to existing data — to support the local research team and design a survey and interview questionnaire, to understand the design landscape in the Philippines.

The collaboration will provide international and local expertise and capacity and set up the opportunity for knowledge exchange and mutual skills development.


Activity Date
Request for proposal issued to bidding suppliers 27 January, Monday
Deadline for clarification questions (clarification deadline) 26 February, Wednesday
British Council to respond to clarification questions 28 February, Friday
Deadline for submission of request for proposal responses by potential suppliers (response deadline) 1 March, Sunday
Shortlisting and interview of up to three candidates 13 March, Friday 
Final decision 16 March, Monday
Contract concluded with winning supplier 20 March, Friday
Contract start date 20 March, Friday
Who can submit proposals?
The research will be undertaken by commissioning a UK-Philippine-based research team collaboration, preferably with extensive international experience in sectoral (design) mapping and creative consultancy, a strong economic research expertise and management consulting background specialising or delving in design and creative economy in the Philippines and/or the UK.
Submission of Proposal:
Submit the complete response forms to Michael Juadiong, Head of Procurement, British Council, via email at MichaelRobert.JUADIONG@britishcouncil.org.ph, by 1 March 2020, 17.00 (UK Time).
IMPORTANT: All proposals must include a collaboration between a researcher/s from the Philippines and UK. Proposals that do not include a researcher from both the Philippines and UK will not be considered. 
For detailed information on the request for proposal, please see the documents at the downloads section.


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