The Tempest: Reimagined






The Tempest Reimagined is a co-production between the British Council and PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association). It is a modern adaptation of Shakespeare's The Tempest set on a Philippine island hit by super typhoon Haiyan, and incorporates stories of the storm’s survivors. It features award-winning artists from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA), Hong Kong, and Japan. The play is directed by Nona Shepphard, while the script is co-written by Shepphard and Liza Magtoto. Costume and stage design is by Marsha Roddy.

Other partners include the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) and Japan Foundation.

About Nona Shepphard

Nona Shepphard, Associate Director and Chair of the audition panel at RADA, graduated from King’s College, London with a BA Honours in Classics. She has served as a writer and director for many companies. Her plays for young people have received several awards and have been seen in USA, Canada, Europe, and Russia. Nona has over a hundred and fifty productions and forty commissioned plays to her credit.

About Liza Magtoto

A senior member of PETA, Liza Magtoto is a freelance scriptwriter for stage, television, radio and film. She is a multi-awarded writer known for her hit comedy musical Care Divas and Rak of Aegis! Her other plays include Despedida de Soltera, Agnoia, Nay Isa, Paigan,  and a translativvtton of Apples from the Dessert by Sayvon Liebrecht.

About Marsha Roddy

Marsha Roddy's career has spanned over 30 years as an Artist and Designer based in HK. Her work explores three-dimensional space, movement, texture, and above all how the stage, film, and television; worked on architectural projects, conceived haute couture for events and created pieces of performance art. She has worked with the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts' Nona Sheppard in "The Lady Dragon's Lament", "The Magic Shoes", "Peace Maker", "Getting Through", and "Cafe Vesuvio".

About Tsuguo Izumi

Tsuguo Izumi is a Japanese stage lighting designer mainly focusing on stage plays. He has also started incorporating media server driven projection as part of lighting design at an early stage and can be seen as a pioneer in this field.

In recent years he incorporated projection technologies into his lighting design and managed to create designs beyond traditional lighting or projection design.

As a result he gained diverse working opportunities such as working three times with british scenic artist Matt Kinley incorporating and programming projection into his scenic art, projection mapping on building facades incorporating existing LED Walls.

Since 2011 he is member of studioTED, a holographic projection team, and as such he is exploring the fusion of modern ways of projection and lighting design. He is also designing lighting for small spaces using various projection and not a single lighting device. In 2014 he has done lighting design for the holographic theater „One Piece Theater“ in Odaiba New World, a Fuji TV Network summer attraction park. In 2015 he has planned and implemented lighting into the „DMM VR Theater“ the world’s first holographic theater, and contributed and is responsible for lighting plans for performances.