A Caucasian male in a business suit is shaking hands with an Asian female in a grey business suit. UK-ASEAN partnership and research grant

About this opportunity

The UK-ASEAN Partnerships and exchanges baseline research grant will fund research that assesses the quality and quantity of existing tertiary education partnerships and exchanges between the UK and fifteen countries and territories in East and Southeast Asia.

Through this scheme, we aim to:

  • facilitate the production of high-quality research in Official Development Assistance (ODA) contexts that is relevant to international education and national policymaking
  • facilitate and encourage the establishment and maintenance of active research links between UK and ASEAN higher education institutions
  • improve access to high quality and relevant research from the UK for tertiary education policy makers and professionals worldwide.

The grant of £250,000 will be awarded to a single UK institution (with ASEAN counterpart) to carry out this research. Resulting papers will be published as part of the British Council Research papers series online.

Who can apply?

For full eligibility criteria, please check the Call guidelines in the Downloads section below.

How to apply

All applicants must:

  1. read the Call guidelines
  2. complete annex 1 (grant application form) and annex 2 (budget form), also accessible from the Downloads section below
  3. submit your completed form and all required documentation to eahighereducationpartnerships@britishcouncil.org.


All clarification questions should be submitted to eahighereducationpartnerships@britishcouncil.org by 27 November 2020.

All completed applications must be submitted by 5pm (UK time) on 15 January 2021.

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