The International Science Partnerships Fund (ISPF) supports UK researchers and innovators to collaborate with international partners on multi-disciplinary projects.

What is the fund?

The International Science Partnerships Fund is designed to enable potential and foster prosperity. It puts research and innovation at the heart of our international relationships, supporting UK researchers and innovators to work with peers around the world on the major themes of our time: planet, health, technology, and talent. The fund is managed by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology and delivered by a consortium of the UK’s leading research and innovation bodies, which includes: UK Research and Innovation (comprising the 7 research councils, Innovate UK and Research England), the UK Academies, the British Council, the Met Office, the National Physical Laboratory, the UK Atomic Energy Authority, and Universities UK International.

The ISPF programmes delivered by the British Council China supports research partnerships between China and the UK. Through the fund, research and innovation bodies can apply for calls and opportunities around four major global themes: planet, health, technology, and talent.

What themes are covered?

Opportunities launched through the fund will focus on four major themes.

  1. Resilient Planet - Leading the green industrial revolution to protect the planet.
  2. Healthy People, Animals and Plants - Researching and innovating for secure and healthy populations.
  3. Transformative Technologies - Developing responsible technologies to secure our place in tomorrow’s world.
  4. Tomorrow’s Talent - Nurturing talent to drive inclusion, research and innovation

How much funding is available? 

Each call will have a designated grant amount, specified at the time of launch. 

How do I apply?

Find out about our ISPF grant funding calls and opportunities below. 

Research Collaboration and Mobility: Green Industrial Revolution Programme

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