The number of social enterprise start-ups has tripled in the last decade. Reaching The Farthest First: The State of Social Enterprise in the Philippines highlights the importance for the public to be familiar with the state of social enterprises in the Philippines to aid them in formulating a set of useful actions that can maximise the role of the sector for the country’s inclusive and sustainable development.

The publication brings forward key findings on the research, including an estimate of the current size and scale of the social enterprise sector and set the stage for a concrete suggestion on the way forward in terms of policies and implementation arrangements needed for success.

A survey of 206 social enterprises found that the Philippines has an emerging and optimistic social enterprise sector buoyed by new entrants, diversified leadership, rapid innovation and a strong drive to pursue and address social issues. The impact of the sector is significant – it created 17,000 jobs last year and generated approximately US$21 million in value. Although most have their headquarters in the national capital, their reach often extends to the rural countryside.


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