Mindanao Autonomous College Foundation, Inc. (MACFI)
Engaging the Micro-, Small and Medium Enterprises of Lamitan City on Social Enterprise Innovation
It is crucial for the initiatives designed to rebuild Muslim Mindanao following decades-long conflict to include interventions that will further enhance existing and planned programmes for human development in Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM). ,
The limited access to quality social services and the general sense of exclusion among the inhabitants of Muslim Mindanao have been the key factors in the regional conflict. These issues that created conditions for conflict have been only aggravated by the conflict itself. Education, health, infrastructure and human resources continue to deteriorate. These assets must be restored and enhanced to create an environment where children can receive the proper nurturing and education .
The micro-,small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), as well as cooperatives, play a major role in shaping the economy of ARMM. Close to 2,000 MSMEs contributed to the creation of wealth, employment and income generation to the constituents of the region. Hence, technical assistance for capability building is needed to enhance their skills in entrepreneurship.
MACFI’s project hopes to achieve these objectives through engagement with its programme beneficiaries: 
  • micro-enterprise
  • small enterprise
  • medium enterprise
  • vulnerable and marginalised communities in Lamitan City
  • conflict-affected areas in Lamitan City.