Swito Corporation
Digital Marketing for Bangsamoro Social Enterprises
This project proposal, Digital Marketing for Social Enterprises in Bangsamoro, is intended to address the social issues on lack of positive representation, the negative perception and the limited enterprise growth of businesses located in the region. Furthermore, the project aims to build support, to engage the wider market and to encourage public participation through various online marketing strategies for the success of the advocacy of each social enterprise. This project acknowledges the ingenuity of products and services available in the Bangsamoro and the importance for the rest of the world to advocate for them by becoming current and prospective clients. 
There is known to be an enormous potential for advancement in innovation, energy, and talent to face social issues head on, but this potential is set back by a growth rate that had remained unchanged since 2009. 
Arguably, progress as seen through the lens of highly cerebral and legal conversation of politics has contributed to the lag in development. Development through local business upliftment is often cast aside when it obviously intersects with peace development. And yet, business in the Bangsamoro becomes linked to the Bangsamoro region and its people when the root is given ill-repute. That needs to change. 
Bangsamoro areas are rich in raw materials and cultural assets. What needs to be addressed is the potential of these raw materials when infused with cultural assets.