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The Maranao Collectibles is a social enterprise owned and operated by Jardin B. Samad and partner Salika B. Maguindanao that aims to revive and promote langkit weaving as a livelihood intervention for all Maranao people.

The couple, tagged as Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from Marawi City, started their operations in July 2017. At an evacuation centre in Iligan City, it dawned upon them that the art of langkit weaving has long been suffering and slowly dying primarily because of the neglected cultural valuation of weaved products in the country. The neglect contributes to the slow production rates, high-priced products, and low income opportunities which bring financial instability to Maranao weavers. Driven to revive this dying tradition, they humbly started their social enterprise by building makeshift equipment made of bamboo pipes and scraps and teaching the evacuees the art of langkit weaving. 

Even if Salika and Jardin lost almost everything in the siege, they have found solace in langkit weaving. With an unwavering passion to help and give hope to the community, they setup a learning centre and now aims to assist IDP weavers so they can earn decent income and revitalise their lost dignity while uplifting the value of the craft to help preserve and promote the cultural heritage and traditions of the Maranaos.