ASSIST Asia was established in 2003 as a three-person NGO in the Philippines, eventually expanding through the rest of Southeast Asia. Inspired by the growth since, ASSIST Asia is still driven by the same passion and purpose for progress and prosperity in Asia.

As a development organisation in Asia, ASSIST works towards empowering target groups, making them resilient to the social, economic and environmental challenges – through the three distinct, yet coherent arms:

Development Solutions has grown into a solution provider leveraging over 15 years of experience and strong expertise in our priority areas, delivering a range of comprehensive technical assistance and capacity building services.

Learnings and proceeds from the various projects are put to best use by Social Actions through programs that create sustainable and lasting impact in the areas of our work.

Its social enterprise, AsianNGO, through its rich information platform and publication called iMPACT, leverages on ASSIST to serve as a pillar in building capacity among key development stakeholders.